Problem Solving


Our engineers travel the country resolving issues in existing systems which have been undiagnosed up until now. We perform trouble shooting services for clients who are not able to have their plant’s issues identified. We identify these issues, design modifications to the system, supply and install the plant, then ensure it performs as intended. We have the design capabilities to identify these issues and increase the effectiveness of plants which are not performing to their full potential.



Our Capabilities

Solving Issues with Refrigeration Systems

We are able to advise on solving issues with refrigeration systems including liquid pump cavitation, condenser pressure reduction, liquid level issues and system capacity and reliability.




Remote Monitoring and Site Optimization

Our comprehensive remote monitoring and diagnostics support services help reduce operating costs while maintaining the highest level of system performance.RefTech’s specialized service technicians analyze operating refrigeration systems to ensure optimal performance. We develop plans to reduce energy consumption and optimize system production requirements. Our technicians conduct operational evaluations, ensuring optimal pressure, temperature and efficiency levels. Our assessments also assure that equipment is operating within manufacturer's guidelines.