RefTech Ltd is experienced in the design and installation of various building services piping systems including hot and chilled water using carbon or stainless steel pipes as well as crimped piping systems. Our advanced spray chilling system design provides low weight loss with efficient water management.


Secondary refrigerants are used in for many special cooling applications. The most common secondary refrigerants in use are propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and water. A typical application for secondary refrigerants is a chiller package or a central compressor room connected to a high-efficiency heat exchanger. These designs significantly reduce the operating refrigerant charge yet allows for a large number of areas and cooling devices to be serviced. The use of chilled water to provide cooling in medium and high-temperature applications is gaining attention, primarily in processing areas.




Steam piping is highly specialized and transporting steam under high pressure requires effective piping design to minimise risk to staff and the public. Therefore, it’s important that steam pipe installation is carried out by experienced professionals that know what they’re doing. That’s exactly what our staff are trained and experienced to do. We handle design verification in-house to ensure that our systems are always compliant to relevant codes.

We stay on budget and avoid unknown or unexpected fees, making our pipe fabrication services highly affordable. What’s more, we are dependable and highly reliable to offer our customers these services when and as they need them. We hold our personnel to higher standards, ensuring they undergo continuous training to keep up with advances in the market and also in site safety. This ensures that our skills and equipment are always up-to-date to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs and demands in their dynamic environments.