Ventilation and Air-Conditioning


RefTech's air-conditioning and ventilation installation and commissioning experience spans across a variety of applications including food, cold storage and meat industry. Our engineers know how to adhere to all safety codes and requirements to get our clients’ HVAC systems running at the utmost efficiency, including partnering with third-party vendors for commissioning. Our team is experienced in all types of duct work, helping save you money by only using stainless steel in washdown and food-safe areas, while using galvanized steel and other materials in less crucial zones of the facilities.RefTech Ltd has carried out the design and installation of industrial refrigeration systems and have built ventilation and air conditioning systems for a range of major clients from many industries.



Our Capabilities


Aiconditioning Design and Installetion

RefTech Ltd is able to assist with the design and installation of industrial ventilation and air-conditioning, including fresh air to slaughterboards , processing rooms and other airflow issues as well as wash-down ventilation systems. We have installed many of the successful industrial ventilation / air-conditioning and glycol chilling systems in the meat industry.

Condensation Control

Our engineer understands the tools available to apply the appropriate solution to a moisture or condensation problem. Whether you are building a new facility or attempting to solve a moisture problem in an existing plant we understand the dynamics of airflow, heat and humidity in process areas and can provide solutions to suit clients needs. 

Ammonia Plant Room Ventilation

Designing the machinery room ventilation system to be code -compliance with an advanced design for ammonia scruber systems to minimise ammonia release to the atmosphere during the ammonia leaks. Ammonia dispersion tanks design and installation for ammonia safety valve release.