Welcome to RefTech Ltd

RefTech Ltd is a fully New Zealand owned company specialising in the design and installation of industrial refrigeration systems and industrial ventilation/air-conditioning systems for the larger primary producers. We specialise in ammonia installations including new projects, additions to existing systems or just streamlining existing systems for energy reduction, heat recovery or increasing system capacity.

Christchurch Industrial Refrigeration Systems
Christchurch Industrial Refrigeration Systems
Christchurch Industrial Refrigeration Systems

We are able to investigate the performance of the refrigeration system and advise on means of reducing power usage, improving compressor optimisation or just in removing bottle-necks in the plant to allow them to operate to their full potential.


Our clients include Alliance Group Ltd, Silver Fern Farms Ltd, Prime Range Meats Ltd and Cold Storage Nelson to name a few. We are fortunate in that we have managed to install a large percentage of this industrial ammonia refrigeration work in New Zealand and have contracted from Bluff to Dargaville.

RefTech Ltd has extensive experience in the design and installation of this specialised type of work. We do not service work, we focus on system design and installation. This directly relevant industrial refrigeration experience of our contracts team averages more than 30 years per person

Our extensive knowledge and practical experience of industrial refrigeration systems has allowed us to develop innovative and effective solutions for the particular problems experienced in this industry. Our innovative design, improved value for money and high standards of installation, helps set us apart from other companies.

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